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WorkSteady Works is a one-stop shop for job readiness, placement, support and career development to eligible Social Security beneficiaries under the Ticket to Work Program. We are connecting social security beneficiaries with businesses seeking to fill open positions. As your teacher, trainer and support, we work everyday as a advocate for your right to have the same opportunities as everyone else.

This is why we emphasis our Career Resource Center. No matter where you are presently in your desire to be employed, the tools available will instruct or refine and continually develop you and your chances for financial independence. Our interest in your sucess goes well beyond employment.

This is what we call a partnership. We do our part and you do yours. You will be responsible and will definitely committ to the process. We are equipped with the support needed, necessary tools and resources that include career counseling, job and personality assessments, career development, and job retention services.

You will have access to one on one and virtual computer based services. To best serve you, we advise:

  • computer and the internet
  • have a strong desire to obtain employment
  • will follow instructions and suggestion
  • agree that you will have to work independently
  • want to participate in conducting job searches

Work is not for everyone. Take the time to learn about the employment and supports Social Security offers beneficiaries with disabilities through the Ticket to Work Program. WorkSteady Works to help you to learn how to gain and sustain financial independence.

We have created an readiness, placement and support process that’s available to workers with disabilities nationwide. You have access 24 hours a day. You are able to connect with us one-on-one through live counseling and coaching sessions. We are committed to connecting businesses with qualified candidates with disabilities. We have a network of tools, information, training and support to help you, the job seeker/career changer find and apply online for open positions. Contact us so we can talk about your talents, experience and abilities.

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