Your Individual Work Plan (IWP)

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The Individual Work Plan is a written agreement between you, the beneficiary and WorkSteady Works, your Employment Network.This plan is the cornerstone to the results you will obtain as a result of the decision you have made to either go to work or return to work. It describes in detail the specific employment services, career development, and support services that are determined necessary for you to obtain your employment goal. It is the beginning of a planned future. Without it, we are just wishing that you are successful. It serves to identify, in written form, exactly what you are about to experience in a clear and concise manner.

Our one-on-one meeting is conducted either:

  • in person
  • on the phone
  • or virtually on your computer

Your Individual Work Plan is a signed agreement we construct together and in a manner that allows you the chance to express your feelings, be honest and talk about the kind of employment, type of work environment you may be seeking, any barriers that may be of a concern, and if you are realistic in your expectations. We discuss your initial desire, then we go into what is needed for you to retain employment, the type of support we can provide to help you make decisions about advancement or, perhaps, furthering your education. We want to know what you plan to accomplish as a result of being employed for a year, 2 or 5 years. We discuss the good, bad, and everything in between. The plan itself is comprised of 9 components carefully designed to address everything you must consider to be committed to reaching your goal of self-sufficiency and thriving as a result.

We examine your past work experience, present employment goals, evaluate and assess your present skill levels and abilities, and where these experiences can take you in career development. The Individual Work Plan has to meet certain guidelines to meet the standards set by the Social Security administration. By signing, we have created a partnership . And this partnership is extended well beyond employment.


Success is not an accident. It involves a plan. The time used during this process is the key to your success and is taken very seriously. You need to be confident in knowing you have someone on your side working with you and celebrating every success. You need to know what you can expect working with WorkSteady Works.

Your one-on-one individualized consultation is a scheduled appointment and involves:

  • Short term and long term goals
  • Expected monthly income within the next 3 to 5 years
  • Job search and placement services we provide
  • Job search and training necessary to accomplish you goal
  • Career counseling for future development
  • Job accommodation needed if any
  • Planned extended employment support

After the Individual Work Plan (IWP) is signed, it becomes your plan. And, as long as you are reaching towards your employment goals, you will not be subject to medical review.

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