Why is it Good Business

Why Is It Good Business

New technologies and new ways of doing business mean that people with disabilities can be a vital part of today’s workforce with no cost or low accommodations. Hiring people with disabilities doesn’t just allow businesses to tap into a huge and talented workforce; it improves culture, benefits the bottom line, is responsive to government guidelines, and is easier than ever with new technologies, public-private partnerships, and new ways of doing business coming together to build inclusive workplaces.

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  • Employers who employ people with disabilities turn social issues into business opportunities.
  • Employers actually reduce hiring costs, training costs and increase retention    
  • Mirror your market.  Customers with disabilities and their families, friends and associates represent a trillion dollar market share.
  • Employees with disabilities bring unique experiences, an understanding that build businesses, transform workplace relationships, enhanced processes, and procedures.

Workplace Flexibility

Increasingly, businesses are implementing workplace flexibility programs in an effort to remain competitive. Flexible work arrangements include a wide variety of solutions including flexible start and end times, compressed work weeks, shift swaps, splitting a full-time shift, and telework programs. These are other means we can explore to meet your needs.

Mentoring Programs

We have the tools to address the needs of your increasingly diverse workforce. These tools will help increase recruitment and retention, improve organizational culture, and provide guidance to employees and managers about disability issues. Employees with disabilities bring unique experiences and understanding that transform a workplace. They add a benefit to you, the employer, creating more efficient and effective ways of doing business, increasing productivity and enhancing hiring practices.

Coaching and Support

You have questions and concerns. This is why we are the experts. Sometimes, the unknown is not comfortable. You have a great advantage. You have WorkSteady Works - No need to be nervous or uncertain. Our service includes support from the initial interview, during the on-boarding, and while on the job. This is for the employee, of course, but, it also includes you, your staff, and workforce.

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