• I found Ms. Angela and Ms. Barbara to be very professional and helpful. I went through Job Readiness and learned a lot. I had worked in the cafeteria before and wanted to do it again. She reached out to SODEXO and I was interviewed and hired.

    I love my job and the people I work with. I believe they like me too. They have shown concerned for me when I have been ill and everything.

    I think Ms. Angela really cares and she goes the extra mile. She has called me and Chef to check on me and see if I am doing good. She knows what she is doing and will help lots of other people.

    - Corry B.Sodexo

    Have you ever felt like you didn't belong, just didn't fit in, or that there wasn't a place for you? This is how a certain group of our population feels each day. Mountain Top Staffing / WorkSteady Works specialize in assisting vocationally challenged individuals to become gainfully employed.

    You can help her clients know the joy of fitting into a perfect position by doing mock interviews and answering questions that will help them find and maintain work. It is a very rewarding experience to help someone 'fit in' and find their 'right place'. It only takes a little effort to help make a world of difference in the lives of someone else.

    - Dolores FlaggVolunteer Mock Interviewer
  • It is so rewarding for me to be able to assist people who have faced and are facing some of life's greatest challenges.  Being asked to interview some people with disabilities to help them get prepared for a new life experience is awesome.  They are so appreciative of everything you do and say to them to help them improve.

    Athough I come to help them gain some insight and experience in doing an interview to get a job, I learn from them what it means to have the courage to continue to move forward against numerous odds.  I will continue to provide interviewing and coaching support to this very special group of people.  I am blessed by them!

    - Betty BoonePast President of National Coalition of 100 Black Women Inc.-Memphis Chapter and Retired Dir. of Learning and Education at the Internal Revenue Service
  • I was assisted in re-entering the workforce by Ms. Angela Sampson.  She nurtured and refined my self-confidence by recognizing my assets and character qualities which she knew to be essential in the customer service occupation.  She coached me in improvement of my ‘focus-on-task’ behavior while encouraging me to understand the benefits of being a team player.

    Her astute assessment of my professional and personal strengths resulted in a job offer with my ‘perfect’ employer after only two job interviews.  In my new position, I am valued as a member of their team, productive and often recognized by customers, co-workers and my supervisors who are delighted by my work.  Ms. Angela is gifted in the work she does.

    - Steffunni F. Immersion Hospitality
  • I am writing this letter to voice my opinion about my mentor Angela Sampson that has helped me and so many other displaced and out-of-work individuals with disabilities.  She was referred to me by the Vocational Rehabilitation Program for which I am very thankful.

    Being a senior citizen, I had been caught up in various layoff and a thoroughly depleted job market.  Although I had plenty of job experience in banking, general management, I found myself in a very precarious position at the age of 62 trying to find gainful employment.

    About the time that I was wringing my hands and about to give up on any available hope or promise I was fortunate to encounter someone who really truly cared.  Her name is Angela Sampson.  I was a bit pessimistic, but, decided I would put my faith in Angela’s endeavor to help me.  Others had promised and fell short.  I felt from my first meeting with Angela that she seemed more determined and sincere than the ones I had met with previously.

    Angela stayed in direct and constant contact with me.  She prepped me on how I could prepare in advance, what to say and do.  I have nothing, but, complete respect for Angela and the diligent work she exhibited in her quest to help me to achieve gainful employment.  I presently work for Enterprise Holdings.

    - Van Alan H.Enterprise Holdings
  • I just wanted a job, but soon learned that I did not know very much about how to get a job, how to dress, what to say in an interview, how to act and how to keep a job.  After Job Readiness, I soon found out just how much I needed this class.

    Ms. Angela set me up with Chicfila.  I was very nervous, but, I remembered what I had learned and I must have done pretty good because now I have a job at Chicfila.  I really love my job and look forward to coming to work.  I keep customers happy.  Make sure they have whatever they need.  I laugh and talk with them every day.

    I thank Ms. Angela and Ms. Barbara for taking so much time telling me I can do it and not letting me give up.

    - Jermaine C.Chic fil a
  • I really don't like to refer to anyone as being disabled.  I feel that everyone has different abilities.  Some may need more assistance than others.  Or perhaps accommodations and some not so much.  I have had very positive experience hiring individuals with different abilities.  My staff and crew find that they are the most compliant to safety and very performance conscious.  Attendance is excellent.  Their willingness to adapt to our ever changing work environment was not a problem either.  I also have had the experience of conducting mock interviews several times.  This is when Angela ask me to come in and conduct actual interviews for her clients.  I was so impressed with a young man that I actually hired on the spot.  It is a pleasure volunteering and helping to influence the futures of people who want to be contributing members of our community.  It's our duty and I am proud to say that I take it very seriously with pleasure. 

    - Felecia Bean-Barnes, Vice President, Volunteer Mock InterviewerBean & Prince Contractors
  • I am Antonio and I want to say that I have had a wonderful experience with your company.  The staff actually listened to my wants and my needs and addressed them accordingly to make sure that I was more than prepared when it comes to interviewing.  They brought in a retired individual to give mock interviews and that helped me to secure my job that I am presently on.  I am more than happy with the service and results.

    - Antonio L.Client

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