WorkSteady Works is a ‘professional career matchmaking service’. We have a unique insight into the dynamics and competitive nature of today workforce. With this awareness we have established an approach to staffing that will exceed expectations, improve performance, increase retention rate and reduce absenteeism.

We consider the rapidly increasing pressure on businesses large and small to be on the cutting edge of innovation. This includes building and retaining a team of employees who are engaged and invested, and where skills and interests are align with your company’s increasing productivity, growth and bottom line. We offer a ‘customized employment solution’ meeting and matching your workforce needs. In our solution, we address:

  • The Value of Retention – A way to reduce the revolving door and the time your team spends on catching up, instead of forging ahead with new ideas and improved processes.
  • The Value of Reliability – A way to improve attendance addressing lost business, reduced productivity, affecting performance and profitability. A way to realize an ‘equally as safe, if not safer, work environment as other employees
  • A Strong Corporate Culture – A way to welcome all qualified employees, including people with disabilities who understand the value of work and their role is economic success.
  • Available Federal Tax Incentives – Any private U.S. employer that pays taxes is eligible for the WOTC program, and employer can receive credits ranging from $1,200 up to $9,600, per qualified hire.

The ‘right person’ for the ‘right position’. WorkSteady Works understand, and support employers in an effort to reap the benefits of a diverse inclusive workforce. We are aware that there may be a lack of information, understanding or experience, making employers unable to access qualified unemployed and underemployed. A population of individuals willing, ready and fully capable of performing at every level. The fact is ‘performance comes in different packages’. We are experienced in utilizing a ‘customized employment solution’ understanding your needs specifically. Saving you valuable time in the selection process resulting in an inclusive pool of candidates’ representative of the community you serve.



Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

We respect your commitment towards diversity. We are specialized in seeking qualified job seekers with different abilities. We then present these candidates job ready in search of meaningful and rewarding career opportunities. What does this mean to you?

  • Driven Innovation – Being exposed to the ‘differences in other’, you are exposed to ‘what makes you different’. This leads to shared creative ideas, tolerance, and respect. This kind of intellectual stimulated work environment foster varied perspectives, higher performance levels, and problem solving resolutions.
  • Make Recruitment Easier – Talent is vital to improve bottom line. And with such fierce competition, expanding your search pool makes sense. As your business partner, we support every phase from acquisition, placement, & on-the-job performance. You are not alone in this. Support is provided for management as well as co-workers.

The Right Connection

Our accomplished staffing and recruiting team is comprised of experience and knowledge to ensure responsive high quality and timely service. We specialize in support and provide employers qualified individuals at every professional level with disabilities. Our employment strategies are focused on their efforts to become self sustaining, either reducing or totally eliminating federal benefits, and on improving your company’s productivity and profitability. We offer an innovative staffing service worthy of your trust and confidence. The reality is, ‘disabled’ does not mean ‘unabled’.

Resource and Support

Research shows that consumers both with and without disabilities favor businesses that employ people with disabilities, and that people with disabilities can provide businesses with the flexible, innovative thinking required for a competitive edge in the 21st. With our committed resources and support, you will experience effective benefits of employing individual with different abilities.

“Today, more than three years after opening the doors to the FlexiCenter, 40% of the FlexiCenter employees are individuals with disabilities, working alongside workers who have not disclosed any disability, performing the same jobs with the same expectations and same pay. Some of the benefits of the FlexiCenter include: increased productivity, zero safety incidents, zero quality incidents, 90% reduction in turnover, a significant improvement in morale, reduced hiring costs, reduced training costs, and increased ‘goodwill’ in Maine.” David Bartage, Plant Finance Manager for the Procter & Gamble, Auburn, ME facility

Under Utilized Candidate Pool

People with disabilities are a growing and highly qualified candidate pool. They work in all levels of employment in public sector agencies, private companies, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations, and across all industries. They are our father, mother, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, neighbor, friend, the list goes on. They are also our executives, machine operator, managers, accountants, teachers, doctors, customer service representatives, secretaries and this list goes on.

Making the Right Decision

This has nothing to do with charity. Qualified talent is not easy to find. It becomes much easier when you can utilize a service that foster a more creative and innovative workforce. Every candidate goes through an extensive process to verify their ability to meet your need.

Times have changed. Most businesses are well aware that high employee turnover rates have a detrimental impact on a business’s bottom line. On the other hand, a workplace culture that embraces diversity and fosters inclusion boosts employee productivity and generates revenue.

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