The Process Begins Here

WorkSteady Works is a one-stop shop for job readiness, placement, support and career development to eligible Social Security beneficiaries under the Ticket to Work Program.

This is a partnership. You will be responsible and will definitely be involved in the job placement process. We are equipped with the support needed, necessary tools and resources that include career counseling, job and personality assessments, career development, and job retention services.

You will have access to one on one and virtual computer based services. To best serve you, we advise:

  • computer and the internet
  • have a strong desire to obtain employment
  • will follow instructions and suggestion
  • agree that you will have to work independently
  • want to participate in conducting job searches

Ready Get Set and Go!

Here we are. Lets look at what services are included:

  • Ticket Holder Orientation:

    You will be directed in what to expect from us and what we expect from you. An Individualized Work Plan which is your ‘road map’ to success is prepared together.

  • Job Readiness Training:

    include online, self-directed Training Modules that will be available in alternate formats, such as text and video that consist of:

  • Welcome to WorkSteady Works:

    An introduction to what you can expect, and a ‘checkup’ to make sure this is what you want to do.

  • Defining and identifying present skills and transferable skills:

    No matter if you are re-entering the workforce. We have to examine your present skill level and identify what is needed to advance you in job placement.

    This will involve skills testing, job assessments, as well as personality assessment.

  • Resume Preparation:

    We examine and prepare your first cover letter and resume. You will have access to resume template to make changes when needed in applying to different positions. Also, how to address gaps in employment.

  • Interviewing Strategies

    You will participate in interactive mock interview sessions, as well as, one on one mock interview sessions. We talk about discussing your disability, how to prepare for an interview and follow-up.

  • Training Manual:

    You will have access to an online training manual and workbook with exercises and actions to help in your job placement.

  • Benefits Training:

    You will be provided with the information and know what to expect regarding your benefits and working.

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Session:

    You will always have access to us by phone or virtually. We will contact you on a bi-weekly basic to provide counseling, job placement assistance, answer questions, and motivate you through the job search process. You will also be provided with coaching and career development sessions after obtaining employment.

  • Job Retention:

    Continued Support is imperative. The process does not work if you have not acquire the tools needed to remain employed and visualize advancement.

  • Quarterly Training Calls:

    Having live interactive calls covering various topics of concerns helps the Ticket Holder to be motivated to continually improve.

    You will always have access to our services with questions and concerns.

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